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Denmark, Norway

Partner Solutions: LS Central & StrongPoint

StrongPoint Collection Locker / LS Retail Integration
(Retail Collection Solution)

A customer who has shops with limited space and would like to sell tobacco products via a collection point outside the shop area in a large corridor with plenty of room.

We worked with the customer and StrongPoint to develop an integration between LS Central and the Strong Point collection point locker system.

This allowed the customer to load standard-size tobacco products into the lockers and sell vouchers for different brands/product types. The customer obtains a printed / bar-coded coupon at the till in the shop, then scans it at the lockers and collects their already paid-for products.
Different settings and scenarios, such as out-of-hours sales, are being looked at with this partnership.

LS Retail -> LS Central zero downtime parallel migration

With a long-term customer with a distributed estate with multiple databases/instances of LS Retail, we designed an upgrade path to enable them to migrate to the more recent and supported LS Central edition.

The objective is to keep all existing sites running normally and allow the smooth and simple introduction of new places, all while site-by-site upgrading to LS Central.

We created a clear set of expectations of the benefits opened up by the introduction of LS Central and put together a plan to enable each business to onboard new sites and outlets in LS Central alongside an upgrade roadmap for their existing LS Retail sites while not adding any duplication of item management.

Denmark, Norway

Partner Solutions: LS Central

Commuter Meal PreSale

One of our customers, who operates several short routes across the waters between Denmark and Sweden, is used a lot by commuters and holidaymakers alike on this short sea journey.

To improve customer experience and facilitate throughput, we co-developed a solution with the customers’ technology team where a ticket can be sold with various menus priced and stocked from the vessel’s retail system. The customer obtains a voucher with their ticket from their mobile phone can be scanned at the coffee bar. This simple scanning process gives the customer prebooked and paid choices, such as coffee or a food & beverage menu.

This integration gives an excellent customer experience through the sheer simplicity and smoothness of the customers’ journey.

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